Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

We do ship worldwide, 100% Secured. Discreet Delivery and Standard Delivery Available. 100% Guaranteed

we accept bitcoins,cashapp, western union, gift cards. we advise clients to use cryptocurrency, since it adds an extra layer of security,

How to pay

We offer Express and flat/regular delivery. Express is next day delivery while flat/regular takes about 3-5 days

If you use a fake name then choose something real like: “John Wayne” Orders that have names like: “D.B.” Look suspicious and sometimes wont be delivered. Keep your order small enough to fit inside your regular mailbox. If not, you will receive a “For Pick Up” slip which will require you to go pick it up. If you don’t have identification it wont be able to be picked up.

Our payment methods are safe and discrete, so our clients are safe and have nothing to worry about.all customer information received by us is confidential. 

After ordering you will receive an email on how to make payment which after completion and confirmed, you will receive the tracking information for your package within 1-3 hours  

How to order

We are proud to say no one has been arrested from ordering from us . We also do ship any amount of quantities even larger than what is posted on your product page to help curb or any potential health problems.

Our delivery is  guarantee means we do everything to get your order delivered. If your order got lost somehow (which actually never occur) we will resend the order in a different stealthy packaged manner. Since we both will have access to the track and trace of the package we can determine what happened. If it appears to be impossible to get your order delivered we will refund the money.

We offer a full refund on any item for any reason, up to a maximum of 3 days from the customer’s receipt of goods. Any refund will be made via the same payment method used in the original transaction, and will be made within 3 days of receiving the returned goods

We are a fairly new business and establishing a good reputation takes time. We work hard at pleasing our customers by providing them with quality products at fair prices and fast shipping. If we disappoint customers the word will get around quickly and we’ll be out of business, we don’t want that, we want your repeat business! Take a look at what some of our customers are saying about us on our Reviews page.

For consumer safety reasons, psychedelics products are not returnable once they have left our possession. We can however offer you discounts, credits, merchandise, or a partial refund if we conclude there were issues with your order. Your total and complete satisfaction is our goal.

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